Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification Class

Network administrators, system engineers and help desk support staff looking to enhance their knowledge of and expertise in LAN and WAN technologies should attend a CCNA Certification Class if they haven’t already passed their tests.

CCNA Certification Classes are a tremendous educational opportunity for professionals in the IT industry, as well as for those looking to make career changes or advance their present skill sets. In-depth CCNA classes teach the installation, configuration and troubleshooting of both local and wide area networks and addresses the topics of converged network security, maintenance, multilayer switched network installations, virtual private networks (VPNs), and the use of various protocols such as IP, Ethernet, VLAN, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Serial Frame Relay, Routing Information Protocol (RIP), and access control lists.

Cisco’s own Web site says, “With a CCNP certification, a network professional demonstrates the knowledge and skills required to manage the routers and switches that form the network core, as well as edge applications that integrate voice, wireless, and security into the network.”

The main benefit in attending a class is that students who earn their certifications position themselves for better career opportunities and advancement. Businesses and project management professionals highly seek out CCNA certified professionals. It is a way for IT professionals to be officially recognized as experts in the field of IT networks.

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